How to Unset a Timms Trap

How to Unset a Timms Trap

I see a lot of advice on how to unset a Timms Trap, these range from kicking it to throwing it against a tree. All of these may lead to the trap being damaged.

Here is a quick Video on a better way to unset a Timms Trap, rather that kicking it.

Always unset a Timms Trap if you are moving it to a new Location.

How do you unset a Timms Trap?

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2 thoughts on “How to Unset a Timms Trap

    • Thank you Gary
      Your controlled release of Timms spring is a far better technique of bumping the box.
      Many thanks…..amazing what you can learn on the internet….
      John Mackie

      • Thanks John, yes I have a heard from a few people that have damaged their traps using other techniques. So hopefully this video with help save some traps, around New Zealand.


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