Wak a Rat FAQ

Wak a Rat FAQ

Here are Frequently Asked Questions we get asked about the Wak a Rat Project

  1. What will it cost as a householder? Are the traps free?

The tunnel and trap retail would cost you $40 + Delivery. We sell them at a subsidised price of $30. We can do this because of funding and donations from the public.

  1. What does bait cost? is it supplied or do I need to buy; how much?

You’ll be responsible for the bait. Common pantry items like peanut butter works well.

  1. What is my time commitment? How often should I check my trap?

Check the trap as often as you like, but at least once a week. Dead rats get a bit stinky after a few days! The traps are similar to domestic mouse traps, just bigger. Thirty seconds to bait and set; plus the walk from your back door to wherever you’re placing it.

  1. Is it icky? What do I do with the dead ones? Should I wear gloves?

It’s generally a clean kill across the back of the neck, so no blood and guts – or even broken skin. You can pick up the trap with the kill in it, and open the trap to release the rat into the rubbish bin, or bury them in the garden.

Because Rats can carry diseases such as leptospirosis, we recommend you wear gloves. And/Or wash you hands after handling Dead Rats.

  1. How safe is it for me and my children and pets?

These traps are pretty basic, so even if you snap your fingers in one, it shouldn’t be too bad – just take care and you’ll be fine. The traps are located in wooden boxes or tunnels with wire mesh at the ends, to keep out little hands and pets. The traps don’t use toxins, so there’s no risk of poisoning. If you are unsure how to set the trap, please watch this VIDEO.

  1. How effective is it? Where is the best place to put them? What predators are we targeting?

One trap per property is a good start, and we’re aiming for about trap in one in five backyards. Put your trap somewhere you’ll see it and be reminded to check; or near your compost bin. Alongside walls and fences is good as rats generally run along those boundaries. We’re targeting rats and mice, but the traps will catch mustelids (stoats & weasels) too.

  1. Should we log catches anywhere?

Whenever you catch something, PLEASE log it on trap.nz HERE or report it to us HERE and fill the Report a Catch Form. This tells us What you caught, Where and When. We’ll take a baseline of data in the first year; and compare year on year. When zero catches are reported over an extended period, we can use chew cards to survey predator numbers.

  1. Great! How do I sign-up?

Go to the Wak a Rat page on our website, HERE and scroll down to the “Next steps” section. Join trap.nz and Fill out the Form.

And check out the Predator Free Waitakere Township Facebook group: HERE