Is Aniseed Possum Lure Any Good?

Is Aniseed Possum Lure Any Good?

Possum Hunters or Lifestyle owners are always looking for new Lures to attract Possums to their trap sets.

Here’s an idea that I got from Peter Scoles from the Facebook Group Possum Hunting NZ group.

In New Zealand we use a mixture of flour and Icing Sugar to attract Possums to our Possum Traps.

The Leghold trap is at the base of the tree and when the Possum stands on its hind legs its captured.

The longer the possum is feeding from the tree the more chance is it stands on your trap


  • This Clearly works as an attractant
  • The longer you can keep a Possum at your trap site- The more chance you will capture the possum.

If you want to learn how to make this Lure, then please comment below and I can look at making another video.

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