How to get subsidised traps

How to get subsidised traps

If you have already done this, then please check the lastest newsletter or Trapper of the Month update email.  You coupon code will be included in that email.

We only sell traps to residents in our area. Our sponsors and partners like to support local and so do we. You can see our area of 8143 hectares on the map HERE.

If you don’t have a coupon code then these are the steps you need to take to get up to 50% off the subsidesd traps.  The traps we buy at retail can’t not be subsidised.

  1. Set up a account, by clicking HERE
  2. Join our Project HERE
  3. Create your first trap
  4. Email us HERE

Please also have a look at our Getting Started Page

These steps was necessary due to our agreements with Sponsors and Auckland Council. The free traps are only given to people in the groups area.

Once you get your coupon code, enter it at Check out when you place your order.

If you live outside our area, please click HERE to find your local Predator Free Group and get involved.