How to get started in the group

How to get started in the group

Welcome to our first blog post, we are keen to make Waitakere and Swanson Predator Free. Thanks so much for your interest.

You are keen to get involved and help the Native Birds of Waitakeres, here is how you can be part of our little group.

What Predators are you going to Target

  1. Decide what pests you are going to target. Each one requires different traps and baits.
  2. Buy some traps for your target pest

Putting Your Traps Out

  1. Bait your Traps
  2. Put them where you know the Predators visit, looks for evidence of droppings or scratches on trees

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Please join our FREE monthly newsletter, where you will get tips and tricks about Trapping and news from the group.

Join the newsletter on this page HERE

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Checking Your Traps

  1. Next Day – Check Your Traps
  2. Record your results and reset and re-bait the traps.
  3. Go back to Step 1

Register with

  1. If you want to share your find numbers with the group, please register with and join our group HERE or search for “Predator Free Swanson / Waitakere”
  2. If you are not a member select “Request to Join Project” at the bottom of the map.

Setting up Traps with

  1. Set up your traps on
  2. Logon to select our project “Predator Free Swanson / Waitakere
  3. Select Traps
  4. Click on “Add a New trap”
  5. You can do this online or use the phone app, the phone app allows you to record catches out in the field.

Trap.NZ have a great article about setting up Traps HERE Phone Application

If you have a mobile phone or a tablet the FREE application is great for recording your catches and setting up you new traps.

You can get the application for Android/Google or Apple.

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