Possum Control Helps Protect Bush And Wildlife

Possum Control Helps Protect Bush And Wildlife

One of the biggest threats to our native forest is the possum as they are the key species in the death of canopy trees. Possums are also a problem in the garden, eating fruit, vegetables and many trees and shrubs. Native wildlife and bird numbers decline due to possums competing for food and they can also predate on birds eggs and chicks in the nest.

If you have possums living on your property and damaging your bush and gardens, one of the most effective, simple and safe methods of catching them is the Timms trap. A Timms trap is a tough, lightweight plastic box that humanely kills a possum upon capture. It can be set on the ground or attached to a tree, fence or roof. It also can be secured by pegging into the ground or by threading a cord through a drilled hole in the back or side of the trap before tying to a branch. If the trap is not secured, a scavenging dog could run off with the dead possum and the trap.

A Timms trap should be set overnight with a piece of fresh fruit such as apple, orange or kiwifruit as bait. A mix of cinnamon, icing sugar and flour sprinkled around the trap and coating the fruit acts as additional lure.

Other control options or strategies for reducing possum numbers include. Possum bait such as Talon, Pindone, Pestoff or Campaign in a suitable bait station. Possum bait will also control rats. Cage traps are ideal for sites where poison baits are unable to be used. Protection systems such as protective barriers around trees and shrubs or possum proof fences can be useful. Repellents or chemical preparations can be applied to individual trees or shrubs to provide temporary protection against possums. Commercial pest control companies or controllers and night shooting are other options.

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