Tui flickr photo by SidPix shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

What is Predator Free Swanson/Waitakere Township?

We are a community effort to help eliminate the Waitakere and Swanson area of Predators. The group consists of volunteers who trap on their private properties.

These include

  • Rodents (Rats, Mice)
  • Possums
  • Hedgehogs
  • Rabbits
  • Pest Birds (Magpie/Common Myna)
  • Mustelidae (Ferrets, stoats, Weasels).

The Area we cover

We cover an area with is 8130.64 ha, we expanded the area to included Swanson in May 2022.

Waitākere and Swanson had a population of 4,176, the medium income is $40,250*

The area is growing and has a mix of large Rural or lifestyle properties and large urban areas.

What is Predator Free 2050?

In 2016, the NZ government announced its commitment to the vision Predator Free New Zealand 2050, and here in Waitakere, we’re ready for the challenge.

Rats, possums and stoats kill 25 million of our native birds every year in New Zealand.  Lets do our bit to reduce this.

We love living in the area, the group started trapping in 2020 as way to give back to our environment.

Please join us to help to remove pests from the area, even if you only have one Rat trap you are helping save the native wild life.

Join the project today and start trapping. We record our success on the Trap.NZ website

If you want to join with us, please click HERE to get started.

Learn more about Predator Free 2050