Our Wak a Rat Project – Subsidised Rat Traps for Swanson and Waitakere Township Areas

Our Wak a Rat Project – Subsidised Rat Traps for Swanson and Waitakere Township Areas

From time to time we get funding from different organisations in New Zealand. This will allow us to buy the materiel’s to build some trap tunnels. Making them ourselves we allow us to get more traps out in the Waitakere Area.

Current Project Status

Why are Rats a Problem for Birds?

Rats not only eat bird chicks and eggs, if they get into your house they can chew electrical wire and can cause fires. Learn more here The Rat Apocalypse in New Zealand.

FUN FACT: One Breeding pair of Rats can produce 15,000 Rats per year. Watch a video from National Geographic HERE

Putting the rat traps in tunnels makes them safer for our children and pets. Plus rodents love investigating tunnels.

How to get involved

The traps are subsidised, but you need to commit to checking the Humane trap (At least weekly), keep it baited and tell us when you catch something via trap.nz (preferred) or via this FORM. We bait our traps with Peanut Butter.

We use Victor Professional Rat Traps
We use Victor Professional Rat Traps

Next steps

Our group uses a FREE website called trap.nz to record our catches.  Your catches can then be added to the New Zealand total, so we can see how we are tracking towards a predator free New Zealand.

Please Register with them HERE.

If you want to help our native birds get a FREE trap please fill out the form below.

We will be arranging workshops to show you how to use the trap. We will then be in touch when the traps are ready and we have a venue for the workshops. The traps retail at $42.50 and we will have them for the special price of $25!!!.

Please sign up below to go on the waiting list and join our amazing newsletter.

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    • Traps are not unlimited, so please fill out the form as soon as you can to secure your subsidised trap tunnel and trap.
    • Limited to one trap per household in the Swanson or Waitakere Township area.
    • The location of our project is the Swanson and Waitakere Township area, please check the map of our project HERE.

    Have other questions – Check out the FAQ

    We have created a Frequently Asked Questions page for anything not covered here, please check it out HERE

    Can you help?

    If you have some spare time and want to help the native birds by making trap tunnels, we need people that:

    • Can assemble trap tunnels.
    • Add the wire mesh to ends.
    • Put flyers in local letter boxes telling them about the project.

    The plans for the tunnels are located HERE. *Thanks OPBG for these great plans.

    If you can help please email me trapper @ predatorfreewaitakere . org or via the form on this page above, or this PAGE.

    Here a video on how to set these traps from Ranger Darren from Zealandia Ecosanctuary

    We look forward to hearing from you soon. Get involved in “Wak a Rat”.