Free Rat Traps for Waitakere Township – Wak a Rat Project

Free Rat Traps for Waitakere Township – Wak a Rat Project

Great news we have been given some funding by the wonderful people at ecomatters, this will allow us to buy the materiel’s to build some trap tunnels.

Making them ourselves we allow us to get more traps out in the Waitakere Area.

Rats not only eat bird chicks and eggs, if they get into your house they can chew electrical wire and can cause fires. Learn more here The Rat Apocalypse in New Zealand.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Get involved in “Wak a Trap”. Click HERE or below,

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8 thoughts on “Free Rat Traps for Waitakere Township – Wak a Rat Project

    • I teach 6 year old, so they would be too young….. but Maybe local intermediate or secondary school students could do this as part of their enviro studies ( under supervision of course), just a thought. Kids love that sort of thing.

      • Thanks Jennifer, thanks for the message. Yes I agree I think a Rat Trap would be too dangerous for six year olds, they would need a adult to supervise.

        It would be great to get kids thinking about the environment, because they need to take on this work in the future. Do you talk to your students about the Predator Free 2050 movement?


    • My scout group is interested for along Henderson creek

    • How do I go about getting a rat trap for our property on McEntee Road?

    • Hi Gary

      What is a good lure to use in the traps? I’m having problems attracting them.


      • Hi Alfred,

        I find that crunchy peanut butter works the best, but does go moldy after around 5 days at this time (winter), probably much less in Summer.

        Just use the cheapest brand, some people say their prefer Pics, but my Rats don’t seem to care that much.


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