What is the Best Bait???

What is the Best Bait???

Ever wondered what is the best bait for a certain Predator. And what works best in the Waitakere Ranges?

This has to be the the number one question we get asked “What is the Best Bait for xxxx???”

Well the group now has a lot of data to graph this, whenever a capture log is entered. The “initial bait” is recorded from the last time the trap was re baited.

If the trap wasn’t baited, then the initial bait is recorded as “None”, which isn’t very useful is it.

So please record whenever you bait a trap, it will help other trappers in the Waitakere Ranges.

We have removed the bait “None” from these Graphs to make them more useful. If you find the bait you are using isn’t in trap.nz, please considering adding it via a post on their forum.

Hover over the graphs for further details.

This include all Trap data up to 15 Feb 2022.



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