Trapper of month – Guidelines

Trapper of month – Guidelines

Here are some guidelines for the Trapper of the month contest. Feel free to tell us any other points we haven’t covered.

These were determined by the committee of Great minds and all decisions are binding.

Contest Dates

The contest runs for a two month period, here are the current periods of the contest

  • February to March
  • April to May
  • June to July
  • August to September
  • October to November
  • December to January

Honor system

All Captures/kills must he accurate and logged on the day the trap was check, You can’t log historic kills in this month tally. Log them on the day you checked the traps.

Pest Birds

Only these are the only recognised birds that should be targeted record

  • Magpies
  • Mynas

Where do I log my catches

Your catches are logged in your against the traps that caught them in No other catches are recorded or taken into consideration.

  • All captures must be logged before the beginning of the next period.

Not a member of our Project, please follow the steps in this article HERE.

How is my score worked out

Your total scores is based on species Scores. These were determined by the group in Oct 2023.

Each Species has a number value, these are:-

Your Score is based on your number of Predators multiplied by the Species Scores.

For Example if you catch a Rat your scores is 1 x 4 = 4 Points

Bait Stations

Due to public demand, people that fill up a bait station are awarded 4 points.

Often Evidence of Bait kills is not available. If you are claiming the 4 points for filling the bait station, you can’t also claim any predators you find dead.

Random Draw

If you are one of the Top 10 Trappers for that contest period, you go into a Draw for Trapper of the Month.

We use the next Public Lotto Power ball number drawn after the start the next period. This number is between 1 and 10 and determines the next winner.

This draw is independent of Predator Free Waitakere / Swanson.

A power ball number is drawn every Saturday and Wednesday, so the next draw after the Results are published is used. The results can be found HERE.

This determines that they is no bias in that periods winner. We feel this makes it more fun and everyone has a chance to enter the draw.

  • Please note we are not part of the New Zealand Lotteries commission and have no influence over what the power ball number will be.
  • If we ever have a situation where we have less than ten people in the contest, then the winner will be pick at the next draw until we have a winner.

Waitakere / Swanson Leader Board Contest

The person that has caught the most number of any species, also can be added to the all time Leader board. This is an place of honor for trappers in the region, check this out HERE

This is a separate contest from Trapper of the Month. But still uses your data.

Current Prizes from our Amazing Sponsors

(Updated 23 September 2023) – The winner receives:-

  1. $100 voucher from Central Landscape Supplies
  2. More sponsors coming soon….watch this space

Unclaimed Trapper of the month prizes will be returned to the pool (If unclaimed after 30 days)

Current Trapper of the Month Sponsors

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