Welcome to Predator Free Swanson/Waitakere

We are a community group from Waitakere and Swanson Towns areas.  We improve the Native bird life by removing pests. We catch Rats, Mustelidae and Possums. We can only do our work thanks to our amazing sponsors. Please support them when you can.

Since starting in August 2020, We currently have 280 traps and 56 Bait Stations. We have removed 2325 Predators from the area.

Predator Free 2050 aims to eradicate Mustelidae (Stoats, ferrets and weasels), rats and possums. Because, collectively, these animals inflict the worst damage of all the introduced pests on New Zealand’s plants and wildlife. As of an hour ago we have removed 8 Mustelidae, 1177 Rats and 322 Possums.

In the last 800 years New Zealand has lost 53 species of birds. With your help we can prevent any further species becoming extinct and help New Zealand’s plants and wildlife. Join us today and help make a difference.

Sweethearts… flickr photo by Geoff J Mckay shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license